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Recruitment of Reviewers:
Would you like to be a reviewer of Global Journal of Engineering & Technology Review? We welcome you to join us.
  • Status: Part Time
  • Working Style: Internet-Based
  • Payment: Volunteer Job, No Payment
Participation in the peer-review process is absolutely essential to the success and reputation of the journal. Reviewers along with the editors determine which work is of quality and significance, and because of the extensive readership what research and scholarship, will ultimately have an impact on literacy in classrooms nationally and internationally.
Reviewers are asked to promote our journals by:
  • i. Submitting their own manuscripts for review;
  • ii. Recommending and encouraging other potential authors;
  • iii. Introducing the journal to potential readers and subscribers;
  • iv. Communicating formally and informally with the editors about issues of relevance to the journal.
  • Have a doctoral degree in the specific subject related closely to the journal;
  • Have a job at a university or academic organization, in a teaching or research position;
  • Have free time outside your regular job, at least 6 hours per month (2-4 papers for review per month);
  • Familiar with the APA citation system;
  • Fluent in academic and professional English;
  • Have a strong interest in a scholarly journal;
  • Work quickly and accurately to tight deadlines;
  • Have an effective network in your research field.
How to Apply:
1. Find details and download application form at: Application Form for Reviewer
2. Send your application to:
GJETR follows a double-blind peer-review process, whereby authors do not know reviewers and vice versa. Peer review is fundamental to the scientific publication process and the dissemination of sound science.
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