Performance of Hot Recycling Mix with Variable RAP Content

Ahmad Kamil Arshad, Mohd Azli Ayob,Ekarizan Shaffie and Wardati Hashim


Objective - To investigate the volumetric properties and performance of Hot Recycle (HR) mixes using rejuvenating agent.

Methodology/Technique - Marshall design method was used to produce all HR samples, which consists of 70%, 80%, 90% and 100% of RAP. Volumetric properties including bulk density, air voids in compacted mix, voids filled with bitumen as well as Marshall stability and flow were carried out to determine the effect of rejuvenating agent on the HR mixes. Then, the performance of HR mixes was evaluated by conducting the resilient modulus test, stripping test and rutting test.

Findings - The results showed that the performance of RAP mixes are comparable to that of conventional mixes, thus the use of HR mixes such as in the HIPR method should be encouraged, to save the cost of pavement maintenance.

Novelty - This paper demonstrates the performance of hot recycling mix with variable RAP content.

Type of Paper: Empirical

Keywords: Reclaimed asphalt pavement; Hot recycling; Marshall Design Method; Rejuvenating agent, Stripping.


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