Analytical Behaviour in Mechanical Properties of Dendrocalamus Asper Bamboo as Construction Building Materials in the Philippines

Teodoro A. Amatosa, Jr.and Michael E. Loretero


Objective - This paper focus on mechanical properties of all Giant Bamboo by which soaked specimens was influenced by traditional preservations; however, there is a variance in how they affect the compressive and bending strength.

Methodology/Technique - Three separate sets of specimen undergone natural preservation were subjected to compressive and bend testing following the ISO standards 22157-1:2004(E) and ASTM standards. Salt-treated specimen got the highest compressive strength reached up to 53.61 MPa, S=15.59 MPa ± 29.08% of the mean followed by fresh-water treated and untreated specimen with 45.16 MPa, S=12.46 MPa ± 26.93% of the mean and 34.12 MPa, S=5.00 MPa ± 14.65% of the mean respectively. On the other hand, using three-point bending test, treated specimens for salt-water preservation got the highest average bending strength which reached up to 218.35 MPa compared to the ones treated of fresh-water and untreated with 188.05 MPa and 71.75 MPa respectively. Two factors was being used to evaluate the significant effect of bamboo on bending strength using Two-way Analysis of Variance in terms of the position of the culm and natural treatment as untreated and soaking in salt and fresh water are significant: bending strength decreases from bottom to top while modulus of elasticity increases

Findings - It is shown that both treated and untreated are good constructional materials with excellent mechanical properties against compression and bending, which may address deforestation concern in the country.

Novelty - The study determined the influence of treatment, specifically conventional method of treatment to the mechanical properties of bamboo.

Type of Paper: Empirical

Keywords: Dendrocalamus Asper Bamboo, Deforestation, Mechanical Properties, Natural Treatment, Construction Materials


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