Evaluation of Methane Oxidation Efficiency of Landfill Soil Cover: Influence of Soil Texture

Mohd Suzairiff Zainal, Faeiza Buyong and Nurul Ain Mat Riping


Objective - Methane emission from landfills has come to a great attention over recent years for its adverse effect to environment and human health. Owing to the facts, researchers have come out with numerous studies to improve the capability of the soil cover to oxidise the fugitive landfill gas. This paper revolves around the determination of methane oxidation efficiency of different texture media via sand incorporation into clayey soil at laboratory scale.

Methodology/Technique - Addition of sand by 30, 50 and 70% of volume ratio resulted in clay transformation to clay loam, sandy clay loam and sandy loam respectively. Sandy clay loam exhibited the highest methane oxidation efficiency at 93% followed by sandy loam and clay loam at 88% and 87% respectively. Meanwhile, unamended clay reduced methane concentration by 81%.The biooxidation of methane by methanotrophs was influenced by the conducive environment for the propagation of the consortia. Coarser texture media facilitated gas migration throughout the soil matrix by providing connected macropores to allow oxygen penetration and dynamic mixing of gases during the residence time of reaction.

Findings - The study manifested the prospective added material to clayey soil to simulate soil bacterial growth and therefore enhance the capacity of methane sink of the media.

Novelty - Sand significantly can transform the soil to the coarser texture for its potential to reduce methane emission at the landfill. Subsequently, the natural and abundant factors of sand in the environment would allow the application of this method at landfill scale for its cost-effectiveness and environmental harmlessness.

Type of Paper: Empirical

Keywords: Biocover, CH4 Mitigation, Landfill Gas, Landfill Soil Cover, Methane Oxidation, Soil Texture.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.35609/gjetr.2016.1.1(1)

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